Open Data: our speciality

We can provide you support during the whole lifecycle of your open data projects (designing your strategy, selecting, transforming and publishing data sources, engaging reusers), no matter whether you are a private or public organisation.

Smart Cities

Apps to look for accessible parking places, to find open pharmacies or nearby restaurants, to select the best route to take using public transport, to know what a shop offers without even entering it… This is all possible thanks to data that cities already have in their own databases. And when such data is opened both independent developers and private companies can create innovative applications.

  • A city publishes data.
  • A city that is smart publishes open and normalised data, which allow solving problems that their citizens have.
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Content, Context, and Community

  • Static and real-time data

  • Data with meaning in the context of the city

  • Data linked with your own and other data sources

  • Data available in formats that ease app development


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