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REST API Platform and Developer Portal

Our REST API platform allows developers/integrators to access data from an organisation. It provides authentication/authorisation/accounting mechanisms to access such data in a unified manner. The Developer Portal is build on top of it, and provides relevant documentation for facilitating data usage, as well as user management and monitoring functionalities.

Some of the problems that we solve

Currently, organisations have many applications and services, but many of them face the following weaknesses:

  • Difficulties to integrate and exchange data among applications and services.

  • Redundancy in some application and service developments across large organisations.

Our solution

We provide the following services, as a result of the application of our platform and developer portal:

  • Unification of common services that ease data exchange.

  • Reuse of data by other organisations.

  • Scalability and better use of technology evolutions.

Our REST API platform, which includes a Developer Portal, allows managing and accessing organisational data in a unified and secure manner, with no need to move data around when such data needs to be used by other applications for which it was not originally created or managed.

REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs are currently the most widely used type of data access for application development and for system integration. Many companies are currently using them (e.g. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).

Use cases

ntegration of internal systems


Our organisation needs to develop an application to support participatory process for citizens. This application needs to access data from other applications (census data, neighbourhoods, etc.)


For this use case we can use a REST API to unify access to data from all these information systems (Census, Administrative boundaries, …). With our platform, REST API calls can be configured dynamically as soon as they are required, independently of whether the data source is a relational database, a Web service or system files.

Provide data to third parties


Our organisation has an agenda of events. We want third parties (companies, associations, freelance developers, etc.) to have easy access to the information about such events so as to integrate it into their applications or create new ones.


For this use case we can use a REST API to provide a unified access to our data sources. Our API REST platform provides a developer portal that allows creating users (empresas, asociaciones, …), global and per-user statistics, API call limitations interactive documentation.


Developer portal

Web portal that allows explaining the functionality, allowing registered user access, API usage and testing.

User Management

The platform allows managing users, with their role categories and specifying usage limits.


Statistics Management

It allows visualising and downloading statistics, with filters to select information. It also allows checking global or per-user statistics.

Gestión de Estadísticas

Permite la visualización y descarga de las estadísticas, con filtros para seleccionar la información. También permite consultar las estadísticas globales o las específicas de un usuario.

Highlighted functionality: Technical Documentation

Our platform generates basic documentation that allows describing, consuming and testing REST APIs, with no need to develop or document manually those services.

Our technical documentation is generated using OpenAPI (Swagger 2.0), which is considered a “de facto” standard for API documentation. Our technical documentation contains a listing of API calls. For each of them, a response model is provided, as well as examples of the input parameters that can be used and a way to test an API request.

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