Open Data: our speciality

We can provide you support during the whole lifecycle of your open data projects (designing your strategy, selecting, transforming and publishing data sources, engaging reusers), no matter whether you are a private or public organisation.

Open Government

Our Open Government solution consists of three different portals (transparency, open data and participation) that are integrated into the main one.

Open Government portal

The Open Government portal allows introducing the general purpose of Open Government and provides links to the other portals. It also includes some relevant links from those portals, such as budget visualisation, most visited datasets, requests for information access, etc.

Open data portal

The open data portal allows classifying, storing, sharing, visualising, downloading and using data. It is the access point to the open data strategy for an organisation, and the meeting point between the organisation, reuser companies, citizens, developers, journalists, etc.

Transparency portal

The transparency portal shows, in a concise and understandable manner, information about indicators from Transparency Regulations (e.g., those from the International Transparency Association). Besides, it integrates data and graphical views from the open data portal.

Participation portal

The participation portal allows creating surveys for citizens, including multiple choice and open answers. Results can be exported as CSVs so that they can be treated and visualised. Besides, it is integrated with our REST API platform to allow the integration with other information systems from the organisation (e.g., with the citizen census)

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