Somos especialistas en datos abiertos

Seas una organización pública o privada, cubrimos el ciclo completo de los datos, desde la estrategia de apertura hasta su publicación y reutilización

Extraction, Transformation and Publication

We integrate heterogeneous data sources, we normalise them and publish them as Open Data, so that our customers are able to integrate them in their own information systems.

Current problem

  • Published Open Data is in many cases outdated because update processes are done manually.

Our solution

  • We automate the Extraction, Transformation and Publication Process for data sources, what keeps them updated and improves their quality.


  • Process automation
  • Improved data quality
  • Time reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Efficient data distribution
  • Better reuse
  • nteroperability
  • Multiple formats (CSV, XLS, JSON, RDF, …)


Connectors to different sources

We have connectors to different types of data sources (web, APIs, relational databases, NoSQL databases, files, …) for data extraction.

Automated extraction

Automated extracción that can be adjusted to the data update frequency (real time, hourly, weekly, …) with the possibility of manual execution at any point in time.


Normalised 5-star Open Data

Cleaning and normalisation over standardised data structures, vocabularies and classifications. Generation of data in formats that are optimal for their reuse, depending on their characteristics: XLS, CSV, JSON, RDF.

Logging and error tracking

Advanced management of execution logs, error management and e-mail notifications.

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