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Budget visualization

The best option to show the budget of your municipality in a clear, transparent, accessible, open and reusable manner.

Our proposal for the visualisation of budget allows your citizens to know where your income is coming from and how much income you have, where you are spending your money and how it is being applied for your public policy.

The problem

  • Budget information is usually provided using a terminology that is difficult to understand for non-experts.

Our solution

  • Our visualisation facilitates understanding for all citizens and is a fundamental mean to ensure transparency in the management of public budget.

The graphics provide answers to the following questions:

  • HOW are public services funded

  • WHERE is the budget spent

  • WHO is the budget spent

  • HOW is the budget spent


Our experience:


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Sello PYME INNOVADORA 30/06/2020
Valid until Jun 30th 2020
escudo de MEIC 30/06/2020